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e-Family Forum - Our mission is...

  • To create a virtual family gathering place on the web, where family members can re-connect and stay up-to-date on all of the latest events.

  • To offer this service at a reasonable price, and make it available to any family member with web access, irrespective of browser software or Internet Service Provider.

e-Family Forum - History

A letter from our President...

Back in 1986 I forgot Grandma Audie's birthday. She was one of the very LAST people who's birthday I wanted to forget. To keep this from happening again, I designed and created our first printed family calendar showing everyone's birthday and anniversary. I included the year of each event, not only for family history but also to make it easy to remember milestone dates. I made copies for myself and immediate family. By the end of the year, enough extended family had seen the calendars that I started getting requests for copies of the calendar - lots of them. Then the requests turned into "could you do one just for my side of the family - I don't know most of those other people." It soon became a monumental task to change the calendar, plus make all of the additions to several different versions AND send them out in a timely manner. It didn't take long to realize how valuable they were to others because the phone started ringing if I was late delivering the calendars!

Here we are twenty-one years down the road. After a year and a half of intense development, we're able to offer an online version of the calendar as the core of e-Family Forum. Your family members can easily print their own copy(ies) of your calendar to share with others that don't have easy access to the Internet. As you'll see, e-Family Forum is packed with features and takes full advantage of the power of the Internet.

I hope you'll find the calendar and all the other features of e-Family Forum to be convenient and valuable tools to keep in close touch with your family and provide a bit of family history to share with younger generations.

Thank you, Grandma Audie for the inspiration. Wish you were here to thank in person!

Susan K. Hogge

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