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e-Family Forum - General Information and Policies

Welcome to e-Family Forum, a web site designed, marketed, and maintained by Industrial Images, Inc. We want your family's participation in e-Family Forum to be a positive, enriching and fun experience.

Use of this web site constitutes your agreement to all of the terms and conditions provided below.

e-Family Forum is a dynamic web site. Features will be added, changed or enhanced as the need arises. Such additions, changes or enhancements may be made with or without notice.

As e-Family Forum grows and changes, we may revisit and revise this document. We invite all family members to occasionally take a fresh look at these sections.

Minor Children

We strongly encourage parental involvement in any web activity. In building personal Family Album pages, we ask parents to participate and approve of any content for your minor children.

Libelous, Offensive or Obscene Material

Industrial Images, Inc. does not police or inspect the content of our members' portion of e-Family Forum. If, however, it is brought to our attention that libelous, offensive, or obscene material has been posted to a member's forum, we will contact the member/editor to discuss the complaint and may ask that the material be removed. Industrial Images, Inc. reserves the right to remove any such material in the event a complaint cannot be resolved voluntarily. Industrial Images, Inc. is not responsible for the content of any members' e-Family Forum.

e-Family Forum - Terms and Conditions

Term of Membership

e-Family Forum is sold for a monthly charge, billed on an annual basis. The year is defined as a twelve month period, beginning in the month the membership is purchased. Members have the option, either at the time of initial purchase or at renewal, to add additional months in order to adjust their subscription period to a January through December calendar year.


Industrial Images, Inc. accepts online payment by credit card through an encrypted, secure, SSL-enabled connection. Currently, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Members may elect to enter their purchase information online, and mail their credit card information, check or money order. Their e-Family Forum membership will be activated on receipt of their payment. See the contact us section for our mailing address.

Unless otherwise noted, all listed prices are in United States Dollars (USD). Prices are subject to change without notice.


e-Family Forum memberships are not automatically renewed. Members will be notified by E-Mail well in advance that their subscription is up for renewal.


Industrial Images, Inc. offers a 15 day, unconditional refund. If a member/owner is unsatisfied with their e-Family Forum membership for any reason, we will discontinue their subscription and process a full refund to their credit card or issue a check for those members who paid by check or money order. Industrial Images, Inc. must be notified of the request for refund by E-Mail within 15 days of the date of original purchase.

Use of the Site

At the option of Industrial Images, Inc., members who abuse the Terms and Conditions of this web site will have their e-Family Forum membership cancelled.

e-Family Forum - Privacy

As creators and publishers of e-Family Forum, Industrial Images, Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy.

Member/Editors' Responsibilities

The information you and/or your family enter when building your e-Family Forum is designed to be shared with other family members. Therefore, there is no certainty as to who might acquire the login and password for your portion of e-Family Forum. As the owner/editor of your membership, you have the option of controlling the content exclusively, or sharing in the administration of the content by sharing your editor's logins and passwords with others. You also have the option of changing logins and passwords whenever you wish.

Please respect the rights of your family members if any of them do not want to participate, or if they ask you not to post information to your forum, or if they ask you to remove information from your e-Family Forum pages.

Family Members' Responsibilities

As a family member, you have the option to build your own Family Album page. You're free to include whatever information you choose, but be advised that this information is not private and is available to anyone with your family's login and password. Please do not include any material that may be interpreted as libelous, offensive or obscene.

Industrial Images, Inc. Responsibilities

Personal Information

We collect only enough personal information about our members to ensure them an efficient and enjoyable experience. Your personal information or E-Mail address, or that of any family member, will not be sold or knowingly transferred to any third party without your permission, except in cases involving legal action.

Financial Information

We gather pertinent financial information only to complete the payment portion of your e-Family Forum. As mentioned above, your credit card transactions are transmitted using SSL-enabled connections. Your credit card information is not stored on any of our systems after payment is complete.


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer that are used for keeping track of various settings or data for a particular web site. Currently, e-Family Forum does not use cookies. Disabling cookies in your web browser will not affect the functionality of this web site in any way.


Members' E-Mail addresses are not sold or shared with anyone. We do gather E-Mail addresses from members for the purpose of sending out periodic news and announcements related to e-Family Forum (special events, new web site features, etc.). We will always provide methods for our members to opt-out of any further E-Mail messages.

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