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Safety Zone by Industrial Images is a collection of custom, durable, high-quality plastic cards with permanent ink. Our cards are designed for safety, security and some just for fun. Each card is customized with your personal information. You can choose from one of our designs or send us your digital photograph or picture. Scanning and photo restoration is also available. Safety Zone cards make useful, inexpensive gifts that can be enclosed in greeting cards - no wrapping or special package to ship.

e-Family Forum - Safety Zone - Products

Click on the individual Product Links or Graphics for pricing and further details.

School Badges
For today's safety and security needs, these brightly colored badges are ideal for your school staff to easily identify visitors, volunteers, substitutes, and others.
e-Family Forum - Safety Zone - School Badges
Luggage/Bag Tags
Securely attach these durable tags to your luggage, sports bags, computer cases, etc. for easy identification.
e-Family Forum - Safety Zone - Luggage/Bag Tags
Calendar Cards
Carry your favorite picture in your wallet or purse with a convenient calendar on the back.
e-Family Forum - Safety Zone - Calendar Cards
Multi-Purpose Key Tags
These heavy duty tags can be personalized with your name, photo, or other information, and are punched for use on standard key rings.
e-Family Forum - Safety Zone - Multi-Purpose Key Tags

e-Family Forum - Safety Zone - Order

Go here to order your customized Safety Zone cards using our secure server.

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